MERLIN Tempus and Tempus EE

Driving efficiency and productivity from the shop floor to the top floor

MEMEX - Manufacturing Productivity

Showcased at IMTS 2016 and available now, MERLIN Tempus is the new next-generation software foundation in MEMEX’s smart manufacturing platform.

Tempus is Latin for time. MERLIN Tempus measures and analyzes manufacturing time. MERLIN Tempus tells manufacturers exactly how time is being used on their shop floors, with operators, with sensors, and with any type of manufacturing asset.

MERLIN Tempus equips industrial machines with the necessary interfaces that enable data-driven manufacturing. Once MERLIN Tempus is implemented, it creates a way to funnel data from both machine states (e.g. run time data) and machine processes (e.g. sensor data) for improved efficiency. It then provides actionable information in the form of user-configurable, Web-enabled dashboard reports for machine operators, factory managers, engineers, production managers, continuous improvement managers and senior management so they can work together to dramatically improve productivity and profit on an ongoing basis.

As an integral launchpad into the IIoT/Industry 4.0 universe, MERLIN Tempus connects to and embraces a wide range of factory-floor devices. Leveraged as a shared resource, data-driven insights enable everyone in the manufacturing enterprise to be involved in increasing throughput, productivity, and profitability.

MERLIN Tempus is open, extensible and highly scalable for single and multi-plant operations. It enables data-driven manufacturing with zero programming or custom integration.

Developed using state-of-the-art software engineering technologies, including .NET and RESTful APIs, MERLIN Tempus delivers green-light metrics and analytical capabilities to effectively reduce downtime while increasing throughput and profits.

MERLIN Tempus supports MTConnect, Fanuc Focas, Fanuc I/O link to MTConnect®, OPC and other software protocols.

Features & Benefits

MEMEX - Enterprise-Wide Deployment


  • Can operate independently of the corporate network
  • Scalable, expandable, modular architecture for enterprise deployment
  • Enables view of real-time machine, cell, workgroup and shop productivity information across enterprise through a Web browser
  • Open APIs for third party data exchange
MEMEX - Customize shop floor dashboards


  • Customizable and open platform for real-time shop and plant floor monitoring
  • Capability to incorporate user defined screens and widgets
  • Powerful Shift Scheduler capable of unlimited shift configurations for machines and personnel
  • Dynamic user customizable shop floor viewer
  • User customizable Machine details views
  • Built in slide show to queue any number of Web views within MERLIN Tempus
  • Customizable machine attribute designer
  • Ability to add custom grouping for machine assets
  • Dynamic “Metrics Widgets” for real-time visualizations
  • Native display of available custom machine events such as overrides, program names, alarm descriptions
MEMEX - Shop Floor Visibility for OEE


  • Delivers green light metrics
  • Monitors machine states automatically
  • Provides real-time utilization of machines and operators
  • Unlimited machine state descriptions
  • Unlimited part reject descriptions
  • Labor tracking against operations
  • Communicates real-time user configured information on a Web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Email alerts for any desired machine event
  • Enable operators to classify machine down-time and part rejects using the optional MERLIN Operator Portal
  • Multiple operator login against machines, cells, or workgroups
MEMEX - Real-Time Data Visualization


  • User configurable dashboard, built in .NET and HTML 5 technologies, equipped with a wide variety of screens and widgets
  • Supports MTConnect, Fanuc Focas, Fanuc I/O link to MTConnect, OPC and other software protocols
  • State-of-the-Art CEP engine for complex event processing
  • Event viewer for detailed machine operational history
  • Highly-scalable and highly-available multi-source data gateways for advanced signal processing of events
  • Comprehensive history editor
  • Flexible and powerful adhoc reporting engine with virtually unlimited reporting capabilities

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